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Tales of a Librarian

Tales of a Librarian
Tales of a Librarian
Precious Things
Silent All These Years
Cornflake Girl

Tori released her first ever compilation entitled Tales of a Librarian on November 18, 2003. This collection is an amazing 2-Disk CD/DVD compilation that Tori describes as her musical “autobiography.” The Album features 20 of Tori’s favorite songs that document a career spanning over a decade. Tales of a Librarian includes brand new songs as well as newly recorded renditions of two ultra-rare B-sides. The bonus DVD features the songs, “Pretty Good Year”, “Honey”, “Northern Lad”, “Putting the Damage On” and “Mr. Zebra”, all recorded live during sound check of the final show of Tori’s summer 2003 North American tour.


1. Precious Things
2. Angels
3. Silent All These Years
4. Cornflake Girl
5. Mary
6. God
7. Winter
8. Spark
9. Way Down
10. Professional Widow
11. Mr. Zebra
12. Crucify
13. Me And A Gun
14. Bliss
15. Playboy Mommy
16. Baker Baker
17. Tear In Your Hand
18. Sweet Dreams
19. Jackie’s Strength
20. Snow Cherries From France